Tuesday, March 8, 2011

These are not cookies. A surprise party for your mouth.

A scientist's life is full of surprises. Sometimes there are surprise assignments, sometimes there are surprise findings. Sometimes there are surprise parties! (Just kidding, scientists have no friends.) This time we have a surprise dessert! It looks like a cookie! It tastes like a brownie!

This is a rotated picture of cookies.
How did this happen? The plan was to make chocolate cookies. This scientist scoured the web for a recipe that looked good. The perfect recipe appeared to be a recipe for chocolate cookies with some hazelnut paste in between (hello Nutella, I love you!). This scientist decided to just make the cookies. Here is the lazily translated recipe, with blurry pictures and comments!!:

History month: Blueberry muffins

This month is history month. In this month we share old dessertscienceprojects. Today it's time for blueberry muffins. They were made somewhere last month. They are all gone now, obviously. But they had to be shared. Behold: Blueberry muffins.

This post does not in any way mean that this scientist forgot to post this. Or that this scientist forgot to take pictures while making them.