Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No-Shake Milkshake

Look, you don't need science to know that milkshakes are basically the best. But you do science to tell you how to make one without any appliances!

First: Make some very chocolatey chocolate milk

Then, take some ice cream (either vanilla or chocolate, depending on how X-TREME you want your milkshake to be) and melt it in the microwave

Now, just pour your chocolatey chocolate milk into the bowl with the melted ice cream and WHISK WHISK WHISK

Finally, pour your milkshake mixture into a glass, add a straw and


  1. So is this a lukewarm milkshake? Can I order seven?

  2. Nope, still super cold! The trick is to only melt the ice cream about halfway, then stir a bit. SCIENCE!

  3. but what if i like a very thick milkshake, professor desserts? WHAT THEN?!

  4. Just use a LOT of ice cream. Also: use less milk, but more chocolate!

  5. You ARE a dessert scientist. You deserve a badge or sash of some kind.

  6. Another option, Mrs. Dessert Scientist, in my experience, is to put a ton of chocolate syrup into a ton of vanilla ice cream and mix it up until its soft (you can microwave it too, for a bit, I guess, but make sure it's still sort of solid) then add a bunch of Kahlua!