Monday, October 18, 2010

Choco-banana Pancake

If there is but one fact we can all base our entire faith in science on, it's that pancakes are the best (Richard Feyman, 1951). Now, how do we make the best thing in the world even better? Let's put some Nutella and banana slices up in there. Let me show you how! This is what you'll need:

What you see here is:
- Pancake batter (PRO TIP: add some oatmeal to your pancake batter. It's good and good for you!)
- Some Nutella (or equivalent)
- 1 banana
- Vanilla Kesam (like vanilla yoghurt but thicker)

So the first step is obviously making a pancake. I only recommend one pancake per person because Death By Pancake is SRS BSNS. This is what it should look like:

So now you've got your pancake all good and ready. Next step is to gently cover it in Nutella and banana slices, while singing along to Toto's Africa. I BLESSED THE RAAAAINS DOWN IN AAAFRICAAA

Great job! Looks pretty and delicious! Now, roll up the pancake like a rug you have to put away in storage because it reminds you too much of your unhappy childhood and/or crazy persian nights. At this point you have two choices: you can take the pancake as it is, and stuff it in your face hole. OR you can POP IT IN THE OVEN. Guess which one New Dessert Science Magazine recommends.

Leave the pancake in the oven for about 5 minutes, or long enough to sing along to one of Elton John's greatest hits (hooold me closer tiiiny daaaancer). When you take the pancake out, it should be all cripsy and melty and sizzling and just begging for some ice cream or whipped cream. Or some kesam, whatever. It's a free world country! This is roughly what you'll end up with:

Great job! Now put it in your face!

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